Erasmus: Czech universities ready to welcome foreign students despite pandemic

11. 8. 2020 | Study in the Czech Republic

International students on ErasmusAll Czech universities are ready to accept international students for the upcoming semester despite the ongoing pandemic. At the same time, the interest in study abroad within the Erasmus program continues despite the global situation, with only one-tenth of Czech university students cancelling their Erasmus plans.

Although the universities in the Czech Republic hope to be open for face-to-face lectures during fall, all of them are ready to organize lectures online and adjust the learning conditions accordingly to the epidemiological situation in the country. Similarly, 63 percent out of the 1,133 European universities that participate in the Erasmus program are currently accepting students.

Despite the pandemic, the Erasmus program continues to enjoy a great interest from students. Although three-quarters of students at Czech universities are considering postponing their studies abroad, more than 75 percent of all students still plan to study abroad for at least one semester. Each year, around 8,000 university students and 2,000 university employees from Czech higher institutions take part in Erasmus program.

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