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28. 11. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

study social sciencesIf you fancy social sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences that belongs to famous Charles University in Prague is open for applications for the academic year 2022/23. While the deadline for regular applications is April 30, it’s highly recommended to apply early, until February 28, especially if you’re a foreign student who needs to issue their visa permit. This faculty offers a high-quality education and its distinctive renown will give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

Bachelor programmes

The Institute of Economic Studies is currently offering Economics and Finance. If you want to obtain really thorough knowledge in both theoretical and applied economics and finance, this is the perfect programme for you. As an applicant, you’re expected to have a decent level of mathematics and English. Your lecturers won’t be only the members of the institute but also external professionals from banks and other institutions. Graduates are able to solve complex economic problems in various contexts and usually claim lucrative positions in banking, consulting, investment and public administration.

The Institute of International Studies is accepting students for their History and Area Studies which is aimed at those of you who want to delve deep into the Czech culture. You’re expected to study not only modern history, culture and politics of Czechia and Central Europe but also actively training Czech language. You’ll be able to obtain fluency in our language, get cultural competence as well as knowledge of history. If you’re fascinated by Czechia, there’s hardly a better programme for you.

The Institute of Political Studies is opening Politics, Philosophy and Economics. If your goal is to get solid background in political science, international relations, political philosophy, social ethics and economics, go for it. You’ll be analysing complex social, political and economic problems while also studying a bit of philosophy in order to develop critical thinking.

The Institute of Sociological Studies is offering the programme Social Sciences, aiming to be truly interdisciplinary. You’ll study things such as complexity management, governance, mediatisation of social relations and interdependence of society, technology and the natural environment while using both analytical and interpretative methods.

Master programmes

The faculty currently offers fourteen 2-year long Master programmes and three special Erasmus Mundus programmes which are joint-degree programmes with other renowned European universities. As for these, you can go for Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies if you’re interested in topics such as terrorism, civil war, migration, cyber security and new technologies. For aspiring journalists, there’s Journalism, Media and Globalisation. Or you can try European Politics and Society.

As for traditional study programmes, the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism is offering Media and Area Studies which is a combination that brings together two fields. If you see yourself as a future economy expert, go either for Corporate Strategy and Finance in Europe or Economics and Finance or Finance and Data Analytics.

For people who want to study public relations, the Institute of International Studies has three programmes: Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies or Economy, State and Society and Area Studies. If you’re more into politics, check out the Institute of Political Studies that offers Geopolitical Studies, International Economics and Political Studies, International Relations or International Security Studies.

If you want something more interdisciplinary, the Institute of Sociological Studies invites you to apply for Public and Social Policy that will provide you with the knowledge of policy-making process or you can go for Society, Communication and Media that’s closer to journalism. Alternatively, there’s also Sociology of Contemporary Societies.

Doctoral programmes

The faculty is also opening several postgraduate studies in English if you want to obtain your PhD. You can choose from various programmes, namely Area Studies, Economics and Econometrics, Economics and Finance, International Relations, Media and Communication Studies, Modern History, Political Science, Public and Social Policy and Sociology.



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