How to be a good student

16. 11. 2020 | Student Life

How to be a good student

1. Don’t drink alcohol too much

You surely know how it works: Party, attend a lecture with hangover and repeat. That’s the loop of the student life. Drinkers rarely do anything significant with their lives (addicted celebrities aren’t the best example of success) so it’ll do you only good if your party days are regularly spaced with non-alcoholic intervals. Your liver will certainly thank you for it.

2. Eat healthy food

Legumes, proteins, cereals, vitamins, minerals—simply all those things you won’t find in instant noodles. You and especially your brain can’t work properly without these essential substances. Do you argue that you managed to pass all your previous exams on Asian noodles? And all those generations of students before you managed as well? Oh, well. Do yourself a favour and at least eat some apples or any other fruit from time to time.

3. Plan beforehand

You know how the saying goes: Every hour is an opportunity you absolutely should take an advantage of. Do you oppose that you don’t know this saying? We neither because we’ve just made it up but we hope it’ll stick. The point is that if you plan your day precisely hour by hour and you equally divide your precious time between studying, family, friends, work, exercise and hobbies…you spend two hours colouring slots in your Google Calendar.  Oh, well…beats the purpose I guess.

4. Sleep

Lack of sleep causes all kinds of problems and guarantees certain death in near future. A regular quality 7-hour sleep should be the basic human right. But it actually isn’t, right? Your teachers don’t care that you have five deadlines on the same day and that it’s also the day you have to go to work, your grandma celebrates her birthday and your friend has just broken up with their partner and desperately needs you. Our advice: coffee and naps.

5. Study regularly

Ok, we admit it. What you put into your head in March most probably won’t be found later in June. So study however it fits your needs and the current situation. A wise person once said: „If you go to school at least from time to time, it’s unavoidable to learn something.“ Who are we to oppose such wisdom? Moreover, teachers will be more than happy to see you and it might earn you some extra points at the exams.

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