How to maintain a work-study-life balance

12. 10. 2019 | Inspirace

Relaxed Asian woman holding apple and using laptop on lawnStriking the perfect balance between work and studying is challenging and often stressful. Most students are faced with a pressure on how to complete assignments on time, earn money and at the same time make the most of their college life. Here are some useful tips on how to stay effective and sane throughout university.

1. Schedule wisely

One of the most challenging things about having a job during studies is trying to be on schedule without overloading yourself with too many tasks. If possible, try to find a part-time job which gives you a chance to choose your work hours. That will give you the opportunity to set aside enough time for both studying and leisure activities. Make use of calendars, planners and phone apps to keep an updated schedule and stay on top of your duties.

2. Prioritize your tasks

Be realistic – you are not a superhuman to have time to do everything on your agenda. Lay out priorities and plan your activities accordingly to your deadlines and exam dates. Prioritize assignments that are due in the short term but also allow yourself enough time to complete your tasks in time to avoid stress and last-minute work. Be productive, but remember the day only has 24 hours and one musts sleep!

3. Learn how to say “no”

Learn how to say “no” to things, events and people that do not feel meaningful, necessary and important to you. Your time and energy are precious, especially if your schedule is already packed.

4. Take a good care of yourself

Get enough sleep, exercise, eat well and live well. Stress is an integral part of being a working student. You maybe cannot avoid stress, but you can learn how to manage it and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Decreasing stress level works differently for everyone, so find out what works the best for you – getting more sleep, taking regular breaks, going outside for walks, doing yoga, or eating high-quality food.

5. Socialize

Several researches have proved that socializing benefits both your physical and mental health. University gives you an opportunity to meet tons of new people – some you’ll like, some you’ll not. Nevertheless, make sure you spend enough time with the people who are close to you, whether family members, friends, your partner or a co-worker.

6. Ask for help when you need it

From an academic advisor, student council and classmates to professional therapists, doctors and mentors, there are many people who are ready to help you with any situation you might face during your college life. Reach out for help and advice when in problems.

7. Have fun along the way!

Studying and working at the same time can be challenging, annoying and tiring. But it is not impossible to succeed in both and to keep a fun, healthy work-study-life balance along the way. Celebrate all your achievements, have something to cheer yourself up during bad days, make time for yourself and don’t forget to have fun in between the hard work.

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