How to overcome your study slump

14. 6. 2021 | Student Life

procrastinationDo you feel unmotivated lately? Too tired? Not feeling like studying today? Well, in some cases it might not be common laziness and procrastination. You might be deep in a study slump! Don’t beat yourself unnecessary, it’s completely normal and happens even to the nerdiest of nerds. Still, you need some way out of it. Here are a few tips that should help.

Consider taking a break

It might sound counterintuitive but sometimes forcing yourself to work harder just won’t cut it. Your brain is probably overwhelmed and that’s why it refuses to focus properly, looking desperately for any distraction. Distract yourself deliberately then! Plan a whole weekend in a spa, a tourist trip or visit your family. Change your environment completely and give your poor brain a chance to unwire.

Consider your daily habits

It’s possible that your daily habits and bad diet are contributing to your general feeling of “slumpiness.” Do you feel tired the moment you wake up? Then you’re doing something wrong. Do you get enough sleep? Remember that the brain stores memories when sleeping. Also, certain kinds of food and overeating can make you feel like a sloth. Review your day-to-day habits!

Consider having an accountability partner

Sometimes all it takes is someone we can be accountable to. Especially when your study slump is partly connected to procrastination, you really need someone who would check up on you and motivate you. Ideally, it should be your study partner, your classmate or a tutor. I guess you could try asking your Mom, but… you know.

Consider changing your routine

Maybe your life is just too monotonous! If you get up, always have the same boring toasts for breakfast each morning, go for lectures and then study in the evening, it inevitably gets hellishly boring. Do something differently! Visit that cosy coffee shop for your breakfast, study in the library instead of your cramped dormitory room or take your book to the park. Buy a celebratory meal each Friday and enjoy it without regrets. Whatever that breaks that routine.

See what works for you, experiment with different techniques and try out new things. You’ll get out of your study slump in no time!

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