How to survive freshman year during the pandemic

19. 10. 2020 | Student Life

young-student-medical-mask-studying-home-while-quarantine-bored-distance-learning-sitting-with-crossed-legs-white-table-with-book-handsStudent parties, small talks during the breaks between lectures, eating lunch or having coffee with other students in the school cafeteria – these are just some of things this year’s freshmen will miss out on. The pandemic of covid-19 has influenced college life and put many students into stress or despair. That is why we are bringing you a few tips on how to deal with the unpleasant situation and make the most out of your freshman year nevertheless!

Forget FOMO

FOMO – the fear of missing out – is a phenomenon connected to the social media boom. During the times of pandemic, even a bigger part of our lives has moved online. We have to use the internet and social media now more than ever to study online, work from home and stay connected with friends while social distancing. However, it is really important to forget about FOMO and find some time offline for yourself. Clinical psychologist Dr Anna Colton recommends reading a book, exercising, or even just painting your nails. “I know young people might worry that if they’re not there with people, that bonds will be formed and they’ll be left out. But it’s not going to be a disaster, you can’t be there 24/7.”

Avoid the information overload

Even if you limit your time online as much as possible, you can still experience an information overload. It is important to be well-informed, but on the other hand you have to keep your spirits up. You can take turns with your classmates to read newsletters from the university and then share the important bits to each other. If one person feels more anxious about the situation on any given day, they can rest and switch off their phone while being sure they will not miss out on any important updates.

Plan things to look forward to

Every tough situation is easier to deal with when you have something to look forward to. Despite the restrictions made by the government, one can still go for a walk and have a coffee in a park with a friend or have a film night with flatmates. Your flatmates might not be your best friends but try not to write them off immediately. Instead, use this time to get to know them better and work on a comfortable home for all of you.

Maintain control over your financial situation

Having a financial plan can make you feel more relaxed. Track your incomes and expenses and try to prepare financially for any scenario. It is recommended to make a weekly plan of what to buy and what to spend if you are on a budget. If you or your family got into a troubling situation because of the pandemic, do not hesitate to contact your university and try to find out whether you might get a social scholarship. Furthermore, read our article with tips from psychology experts on how to protect your mental health during quarantine.

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