Modern creative degrees

24. 5. 2022 | Inspirace

Modern creative degreesAre you a creative person but you don’t want to pursue traditional art fields? Then we might have the right study programmes just for you! You can obtain modern creative degrees at the Prague School of Creative Communication.

Even though this university was created only ten years ago, it soon became a leader teaching aspiring students in visual arts, creative writing and advertising. Today the school has more than six hundred students from all over the world while maintaining each class up to 10 students so that everyone can enjoy individual approach and close networking with their classmates.

Everything is taught in English and you’re expected to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and cooperate with international agencies in various internships. The admission process is done via online interviews which is basically a conversation about your chosen subject. For certain study programmes, you’ll need to present your projects, provide a portfolio and a creative text.

The school has an interesting tuition fee system with three options: Basic, Smart and Premium. These options vary in price and additional teaching support. The Basic tuition covers all fundamental lectures and seminars, of course, but if you decide to go for the Smart option, you’ll be able to change your specialisation free of charge, have more flexibility with exam dates and have an opportunity to attend free language courses in English and Czech. If you’re feeling especially ambitious and have the money, go for Premium which will allow you to study two specialisations at once and have individual consultations with your tutors. It’s possible to get a scholarship to partially finance your studies.

If you’re into visual arts, you can choose from three programmes. Graphic and Media Design is for those who want to pursue a career as a graphic designer, web & app designer and art director. If you’re after becoming a 3D/2D animator, a game designer, VFX specialist, VR expert or a motion designer, go for Animation and Visual Effects. If you’re an enthusiastic photographer, it’s a no brainer that you must apply for Photography and Audiovisual Arts.

Are you an aspiring writer? Then Creative Writing might be just a perfect match for you. Prague has always been a place where many great writers were creating their masterpieces, for instance, our world-famous author Franz Kafka. Learn both fiction and analytical writing and specialise in the genre you love the most. You’ll also learn how to write for journals, magazines, blogs and even create your own website.

You might be a creative person who also wants to go into business, though. If that’s the case, there’s Creative Marketing and Communication, Management in Creative Industry and Digital Marketing and Communication. You can become a creative director, copywriter, brand manager, media planner, digital strategist, UX designer, social media manager and many more.

This school has a study programme for every creative person interested in modern arts!