Visual art

School for aspiring contemporary artists

Art & Design Institut is the first private college of fine arts in the Czech Republic and boasts to be a modern school for contemporary artists that connects art and practice. Their philosophy is to teach art that overlaps into other fields so that graduates have no problem to find employment and successfully sell their …

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Study options for artists and designers

If you’re an aspiring artist considering studying abroad and your dream destination is the Czech Republic, this article is just for you. What are your options if you want to study art and design in English in Czechia? There certainly are a few study programmes to check out. Prague City University offers a 3-year long …

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Geeky in Czechia

If you’re a geek who loves things like Star Wars, Star Trek, the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or any other fandom imaginable, you might wonder if the Czech Republic is the right country for you. After all, studying abroad isn’t only about cramming for your degree—you should have some fun as well! …

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