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27. 3. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

Art & Design Institut Art & Design Institut is the first private college of fine arts in the Czech Republic and boasts to be a modern school for contemporary artists that connects art and practice. Their philosophy is to teach art that overlaps into other fields so that graduates have no problem to find employment and successfully sell their work.

Visual Arts & Art Direction is a 3-year long bachelor of fine arts degree taught in English. The tuition fee is 5600 EUR per academic year which might seem a bit too expensive but this college doesn’t want to produce more “starving artists.” On the contrary, your predominantly artistic studies will also include marketing, leasing, advertising and the psychology of art.

Graduates can then find employment in cultural state institutions, advertising and marketing agencies, graphic and design studios, as web designers, in PR departments, publishing and media companies and others. You can choose from six specialisation courses:

Graphics will teach you all kinds of classical and modern graphics technologies used in printing that make contemporary communicational structures. You‘ll learn about the history and theory of graphics, graphic techniques, experimental graphics, conceptual basic of graphic creation, font and typography, graphical design, illustration, grafiphics and new media, visual communication and graphics in films,  TV and contemporary visual art.

Painting is a rather traditional study programme when it comes to creating art. You’ll learn various painting techniques and get acquainted with all kinds of styles. The course consists of the history of painting, classical and contemporary techniques, composition, drawing sketches, drawing a non-living objects as well as models, wet techniques, acryl and oil painting and many others.

Photography is about creating art while using a camera, obviously. This course will teach you how to capture that fleeting moment of genuine atmosphere as well as colour spectrums, installations, objects and types of photographic works. You won’t be taking photos just to please your eyes, however. This programme is also about cooperation with advertising agencies and the media.

Multimedia is a course which has a lot in common with IT. Be prepared to work with graphics software, make creative designs and obtain some serious coding skills in HTML and CSS. You’ll also study Flash, 3D modelling, bitmaps and vectors, animation and visual effects. This programme is perfect for those who are both artistic and computer-savvy.

Space/Interior Design is about practical application of art in everyday life. If you love creating harmonious environment and have an eye for composition, go for it. You’ll study subjects such as space being an artwork, psychology of colours, geometrics of the space, composition, types of space, application of creative processes, design in public places and alternative aesthetics.

Intermedia (not to be confused with multimedia) is quite an oddball because its students aren’t forced to pursue only one artistic discipline but are free to combines several. You’re allowed and encouraged to ponder, discuss, be aware and mix various genres, styles and techniques. You’re expected to be original and combine unimaginable things.

Are you intrigued? Check the Art & Design Insitut and study in Prague!



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