Prague Pride Festival 2022

8. 8. 2022 | News

Prague Pride Festival 2022If you’re part of the LGBTQA+ community, you’re probably very interested to find out how friendly Czech people are towards other sexual orientations and genders. We’re proud to tell you that Czechs are one of the most open-minded nationalities in Central and Eastern Europe so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

In the poll, it was discovered that 80% of Czechs think other sexual orientations should be accepted with 57% supporting full same-sex marriages (the EU average being 44%) and that was seven years ago. The situation is only getting more in favour with LGBT topics being widely discussed at schools and universities. While full weddings are still not in our legislation, in 2006, a registered partnership was introduced.

Especially in Prague the community is quite big so there’s rich nightlife with many thematic bars, clubs and venues. Brno ranks second, hosting an annual cultural festival Mezipatra since 2000. But there’re communities found in smaller cities as well, like Olomouc and it’s OLLOVE. All in all, the Czech Republic is generally pretty chill.

The first Prague Pride took place in 2011 and it’s been an annual event ever since. This year, the Pride Festival takes place 8 – 14 August and the whole week will be full of vibrant concerts, exhibitions, picnics, lectures, movies, workshops, speed-dating and colourful parties.

Just a little teaser what you can look forward to: art exhibitions at Pride Café (Vodičkova 37), Ace Picnic on Tuesday at the Pride Village (Střelecký ostrov), graffiti workshop, speed dating for lesbians and gays (by age range), discussion panels on climate issues, human rights, upcycling, support groups for trans and non-binary people, drag shows and… even quidditch?!

As always, the festival will culminate with the traditional Rainbow Parade through Prague. It starts at 11:30 on Václavské náměstí and the parade will march all the way to Letná Park. There will be six stages with music, numerous food stands and fun programme until 10 PM.

If you’re in Prague this week, don’t be shy and join this marvellous event! Allies are welcomed, of course! For more info visit the Prague Pride Festival website.

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