Prague in TOP 10 best cities for students

21. 5. 2022 | Inspirace

Prague in TOP 10 best cities for studentsThe capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, ranked in top 10 best cities in the world for students. The ranking is based on scores given by students themselves and is published regularly on the global website the Campus Advisor which relies on verified reviews. With the score 4.4 points, Prague took the seventh place.

The review focuses on six areas and the maximum number of points a city can get in each category is five. Prague got 4.74 points for being accommodating towards students and 4.61 for its night life. The students were also evaluating public transport (4.53 points), safety (4.43 points), facilities (4.22 points) and life expenses (3.9 points).

“The longer you live in Prague, the more you love it. When you walk through beautiful historical streets of Prague and you feel the power of its pulsating life, a lot of people realise why it’s often called the most beautiful city in the world,” described Petr who studies international relations.

Prague in TOP 10 best cities for students

“Prague is a place you didn’t even know you needed. It’s an amazing city with beautiful sights and if Europe was a necklace, Prague would be its diamond. I feel at home here, the city has a truly pleasant atmosphere. For me, Prague is like a partner you can trust,” adds Nojan who studies psychology.

Compared to other European cities, Prague is cheaper when it comes to basic life expenses such as accommodation and public transport which is comfortable, timely and affordable. Being ranked seventh by the Campus Advisor isn’t the only award Prague got, though. For instance, Time Out recently highlighted Prague as the most beautiful city in the world.

 Source: University of New York in Prague

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