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1. 5. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

study at Newton UniversityIf you’re one of those ambitious people who don’t passively wait for the right opportunity but prefer to be proactive, NEWTON University might click with you. We already introduced their Global Business and Management study programme and hinted on their future plans, now we’re here to share some latest news and inspiring success stories.

Scholarships for students from Ukraine

Taking into account the recent political events, the school is offering scholarships to students from Ukraine for the next academic year. It covers all tuition fees for the first year but you can also get support further should you get into the top 10% of the best students in your class.

Entrepreneurship conference

This year in March, Newton hosted the 15th annual European Forum of Entrepreneurship. The conference covered a broad variety of topics delivered by renowned speakers who are business experts in their fields. Next conference will take place on 23 – 25 March 2023 and you’re welcomed to participate.

Business Accelerator

Being successful is not only about hard work but also about having great ideas. That’s why NEWTON launched its own Business Accelerator. The programme, which lasts for five months, helps students to incubate their ideas, follow up with them, analyse if they’re realistic, develop them at workshops and promote.

Inspiring stories of NEWTON alumni

The importance of having a great idea but also a sound business plan and perseverance is essential. Let’s take a look at some of the graduates because it’s the alumni’s further career path that often says a lot about the education they received. Some of them made it into Czech Forbes 30 under 30 which is a remarkable achievement.

Václav Staněk is the founder of Vashy shoe company. Originally a sportsperson himself, he became an entrepreneur when his illness prevented him from pursing professional sport. You might know the name of the famous Czech shoemaker Tomáš Bata whose Bata shops are all over the globe. Just as Bata, Staněk opened his workshop near Zlín where he makes his high-quality Vasky leather shoes.

Oliver Dlouhý is the Founder of airline ticket search engine Kiwi.com you should definitely know if you call yourself a traveller. Dlouhý got an idea to create a website that would search for affordable plane ticket when he was planning to go on holiday and found himself struggling with the price. Now millions of people can benefit from his search engine that makes flying much more affordable.

Lumír Kunz is the founder of Aukro which is basically a Czech version of eBay. While there were some sites where people could sell their stuff before, there wasn’t a place which would verify the sellers’ authenticity and give guarantees. Aukro provided that.

If you already live in Prague or you visited our beautiful capital, there’s a chance you’ve been to Vnitroblock Café and experienced its unique atmosphere. The place used to be a factory but Lukáš Žďárský and Jakub Zajíc rebuilt it into a café, a shop and a dance hall. If you haven’t visited Vnitroblock, it’s in the city part Holesovice which is quite near the centre.

Careers Centre

Newton values giving its students real life experience way before they graduate and start looking for jobs. The Careers Centre helps students to find internships which are paid and which won’t make you just brew coffee for your boss.

Does all of this sound good to you? Then check out their study offer!


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