Seven reasons why you should study in České Budějovice

10. 12. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

The Institute of Technology and Business in České BudějoviceThe Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice primary focuses on practical implementation of knowledge rather than just bookish theory. If you’re looking for a university that’s very interactive and you hate the idea of living in a bustling metropolis that never sleeps, consider this Southern Bohemian school.

Reason 1# Pleasant location

České Budějovice is a city that is still reasonably large for comfortable living but doesn’t have all those disadvantages of our capital like overwhelming noise, too many tourists everywhere you go and overpriced rents. There’re many historical monuments and good local beer. And it’s still only two hours by train if you want to visit Prague for the weekend!

Reason 2# Good facilities

In the campus, except for regular classrooms, you can find several study rooms and the library, of course. The library is multilingual and you can borrow various books and textbooks on whatever study topic interests you. In case of important lectures with foreign guests or conferences, there’s an auditorium that can seat 400 people!

Should you need to use a computer and you forget your own, there’re computer labs where you can effectively spend time between lectures, catching up with your studies. Cafeteria offers a variety of four meals each working day and there’s also the refectory where you can buy snacks and chill. And since this is a technical school, you can use new laboratories that correspond with your study programme. And all school buildings are without any barriers!

Reason 3# Attractive study programmes in English

You can go for business, technology or both! Read our previous article and choose what makes you tick. The school boasts that 97% of their graduates find a job two months after they finish their studies. There’s also a possibility to claim scholarships.

Reason 4# Practical application of knowledge above all

The institute puts utmost emphasis on practicing what you’ve learn. Your practical work experience will take one whole semester! The school even got the award for being the most successful university that puts theory into practice. They cooperate with more than a thousand Czech companies which provide students with practical experience.

Reason 5# Great for sportspeople

If you’re a sporty person, you should appreciate that the institute is one of the founders of the Student Football League. “Sport is an important part of life at university,” said the rector Vojtěch Stehel who supports also the local school hockey team Black Dogs.

Reason 6# Involved in projects

The institute is very active and participates in countless projects. One of the most recent ones is working on eliminating language barriers at the Czech border with Germany by teaching Czech to German students and vice versa. Another recent project included using drones while looking for young deer and saving them.

Reason 7# Student friendly

The grading system is transparent and all exams are written so that everything is recorded should there be a problem. You don’t have to be afraid that you would be treated unfairly. The school is part of Erasmus programme, of course, but it’s not only about cramming. There’re many fun student events you can go to. So don’t hesitate to apply!