Study hospitality management in Prague

24. 5. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Study hospitality management in PragueAre you interested in the hospitality industry? Do you want to study in Prague? Then the Institute of Hospitality Management offers the perfect study programme for you—come to study Hospitality Management to get your bachelor’s degree! This programme is an English variant to the original Czech version and has been taught in English for over ten years now with around two thousand graduates.

The aim of this study programme is to prepare you for work in middle to upper management in hotel chains and various other establishments in tourism. You’ll also learn how to do business in gastronomy, travel, tourism and accommodation while effectively combining theory with practice and following modern trends.

To get accepted, you need a validation of a successful completion of your secondary school and to prove your knowledge of English by either having an appropriate language certificate (at least B2 level) or taking their admission test. The tuition for one semester is 39 500 CZK. The institute offers modern air-conditioned lecture halls, computer classrooms, auditoriums equipped for multi-media presentations and, of course, a restaurant, kitchens with training facilities and bars for training sommeliers and bartenders.

You can look forward to subjects as such Microeconomics, Fundamentals of Tourism, Nutrition – Culinary, Statistics, Managing Catering Operations, Marketing, Law, Accounting, Taxes and Financial Statement, Business Economics, Beverages, Hotel Reservation and Restaurant Systems, Room Division, Modern HR Management, Banks and Financial Operations, Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Gastronomy, International Trade, Communication in Management of Services and internships.

If you wonder how the institute looks like from the inside, there’s the Day of the Opened Doors on 25 May so don’t miss it!