Student Ambassadors: Swati from India

18. 12. 2019 | Student Ambassadors

Swati - kopie

Why did you choose Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe. The high quality and tradition of the Czech education and research is widely recognized. Prague ranks 4th among the top ten student cities in the world. Additionally, it will also give me a chance to explore other European countries. Studying in Prague will give me access to top facilities and inspirational teaching. Prague is a centre of international community with a passion for learning and Czech colleges strongly emphasize on creativity, innovation which will help me to reach my potential.

Could you explain what is it like to study at MIAS CTU?

Studying in MIAS is the best till date. The teachers here use a very innovative technique of teaching the students.

How expensive was it for you to study there?

Living in Czech Republic is relatively cheaper than other European cities. Living in dormitories is rather inexpensive and you get many discounts in restaurant, public transport, etc. as a student.

What is the student life like when you are not studying?

Czech Republic is beautiful country with so many beautiful cities, during free time I use it to travel in CZ and the European cities. There are several places in Prague where you can go relax or discover new places. There are so many restaurants and cafes  in Prague where you can sit and enjoy local cuisine.

How do you think your time in the Czech Republic has helped your studies and/or your career?

The international exposure you get when you study with so many international students with different culture, different backgrounds you learn so much. Learning different approaches towards a problem, learning different perspective. All of it plays a very important role in developing me as a professional. The classes are taught by highly skilled professionals in their fields.

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