The very first female rector of Charles University

17. 3. 2022 | News

Charles UniversityFor the very first time in the history of famous Charles University, the newly appointed rector is a woman. The Academic Senate voted Milena Králíčková to become the university leader and it’s a historic occasion indeed. Králíčková used to be a pro-rector of study affairs and also a scientist as well as a genecologist.

“Women started to attend universities in Czechia 120 years ago. Nowadays, women are prevalent in certain study fields. I’m really grateful for your trust and I believe that I won’t fail you,” commented Králíčková. “Our university is a complex organism with long and famous history and I’d like it to have also successful future.”

Králíčková wants to focus on sustainability and the mindset that would help us to adopt sustainability as one of the elemental values of our everyday life. She reminds us that university rectors have a huge influence on education of young generations and also the public in general. She expressed solidarity with Ukraine and together with other Czech rectors condemned the Russian invasion.

Charles University is the most traditional school in the Czech Republic but it’s a prominent place of innovation which proves that traditional doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of positive changes the new rector will bring.

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