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Pardubice is an industrial city in the eastern part of Bohemia. The dominant industries are chemical industry, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. In 1950, the Chemical College was founded to make advantage of the extensive opportunities for research in the field provided by the highly developed chemical industry. The character of the college notably changed …

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Beginner’s guide to the Czech Language

The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech. You don’t have to worry about coming to the country without prior knowledge of the language as you’ll have no problems communicating in English in most cities and many Czechs also speak German and Russian. Yet learning a few phrases before you go is never a …

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20 Interesting Facts About the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic attracts tourists and professionals from all over the world who come to visit, live, work or study to this beautiful country. If you are one of them, you probably already know some of the basic information, but have you known that beer is cheaper than water in the Czech Republic? Here are …

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