Czech customs

Czech Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a magical time when family and friends get together. It’s also a time when people keep to traditions. Even in modern days, they mean a lot to people. Traditions represent something that is repeated every year and something to look forward to. Each family has their own Christmas traditions that are passed on […]

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Traditional Czech Christmas Food

Vánočka If you are looking for a great, traditional, and tasty way to enjoy your morning around Christmas (and not only limited to Christmas), you should try vánočka. Vánočka makes a perfect breakfast, which will make you smile and provide you with plenty of energy for the day. It’s a type of sweet bread made […]

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Easter in the Czech Republic

If you’re thinking about relocating to Czechia or you spent April in our lovely country already, you might be interested in holidays Czech people celebrate. We covered all winter holidays like the Advent season, Christmas and New Year and we also wrote about the specific way Halloween is(not) being celebrated here. What about the most […]

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