Study in Czech

Scholarship and visit options at the Faculty of Social Sciences

If you’re currently considering studying abroad, money is probably a huge issue for you. If you’re willing to learn Czech, it’s actually possible to study completely for free because Czech education is free of charge. However, we understand that to learn Czech to such a level in a short period of time might be impossible […]

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Learn Czech and study for free

Did you know that education in the Czech Republic at state universities is for free? That’s probably the biggest difference between getting your education in Czechia and most other countries. Czech students, considering they don’t prolong their studies for too long unnecessarily, get their degree and graduate debt-free. There’s a catch, though. While you don’t […]

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Increasing number of international students in Czechia despite Global Pandemic

In the past year even though the pandemic has hit the world and has changed a lot of things for everyone around the globe, Czech Republic has seen a rise in the number of international students coming to the country to pursue their higher education. It’s a no-brainer that Czech Republic is one of the […]

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