Scholarship and visit options at the Faculty of Social Sciences

12. 8. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

Faculty of Social SciencesIf you’re currently considering studying abroad, money is probably a huge issue for you. If you’re willing to learn Czech, it’s actually possible to study completely for free because Czech education is free of charge. However, we understand that to learn Czech to such a level in a short period of time might be impossible so here are some other options how to significantly reduce school fees, especially at the Faculty of Social Sciences that belongs to Charles University.

The first good news is that if you’re coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Cambodia, Moldova, Zambia or Ukraine and you’re already a Bachelor or you will acquire your degree soon, you can apply for Master in Finance and Data Analytics or Economics and Finance at the Institute of Economic Studies and get a full scholarship. The language of these study programmes is English and the deadline for applications is September 30 so don’t be late!

For students from other countries who also struggle with funding their studies and would love to study social sciences, it’s still possible to reduce your tuition fees as the faculty administers various scholarships.

If you excel at your admission procedure, you can reduce your fees significantly which is a nice bonus for the start. Traditionally, if you’re dedicated and study smart, you can reach a scholarship for excellent study results based on your grades in the previous academic year. It’s possible to get up to 4000 EUR reduction per year.

There’s also a development scholarship that supports students from developing and transition countries, just sent your application sent to the International Office. This scholarship is available for any degree programme at the faculty and is meant to cover living costs.

Scholarships aside, if you’re still hesitating whether to apply or not, there’s the Short Study Visit Programme designed as an opportunity for international students to visit the faculty on an informal basis. You can check out all five institutes that belong to the faculty and attend courses in English, French and German. You can stay for one or two semesters.

For PhD students, the Short Research Visit Programme might be just the right option. It’s also an opportunity to visit the faculty but this time as a junior researcher. You can get involved in projects, consult your dissertation with scholars and attend lectures. Visit for four weeks or two semesters, it’s entirely up to you.

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