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Faculty of Chemical Technology

  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Engineering
  • Chemistry and Technology
  • Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)
  • Chemistry, Technology and Materials
4 programmes

School of Business

  • Economics and Management
  • Sectoral Management - Major: Innovation Project Management
  • Preparatory Program

and next 2 programmes

5 programmes

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

  • Chemistry and Technology
  • Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering (Master Double Degree)
  • Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
3 programmes

Faculty of Finance and Accounting

  • Master in Finance and Accounting
  • Finance
  • Accounting and Corporate Financial Management
3 programmes

University of New York in Prague

  • Business Administration
  • MBA in Global Business Services
  • International Relations

and next 24 programmes

27 programmes

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Prague City University

  • Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice
  • MSc International Management
  • MA Future Design

and next 11 programmes

14 programmes