5 easy weekend activities in Hradec Kralove

28. 7. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Student activities in Hradec KrálovéHradec Kralove, a city in the center of Czech Republic, which has everything a student would want to peruse their education and make some amazing memories with some amazing people. Here are a few things that you, as a student can do to enhance your student life experience in this beautiful city:

  • Strawberry picking: you just take a cab from Hradec Kralove city to Pileticka 17/15. It is a 10 minute ride to this beautiful strawberry heaven. You can go here w your friends on your free day and make a strawberry picking day out of it. The best thing is that you get 1 kg fresh strawberries for just 60czk.
  • Bike riding: with currently 13 cycle routes in Hradec Kralove, there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. I’m total there are 11 bike rides and 2 bicycle tours waiting to be explored.
  • Walking shelter dogs in HK forests: a rejuvenation for your soul. Dog shelters offer dog walks for volunteers everyday of the week except Tuesdays. Registration is simple and it’s totally up to you how often do you want to walk the dog. On your first visit don’t forget to bring your passport and for 50czk you will get a volunteer card with a barcode. A recommended length of walk is 1 hr. For more information visit https://www.forstudents.cz/news/a-rejuvenation-for-your-soul-walking-shelter-dog.
  • Going to the lake: Stríbrny (silver) pond. This is the most popular place that citizens of Hradec Kralove love to visit during the summer. It’s an area w a pond and artificial sand which gives you the feel of being at a beach. Czech Republic is not a coastal place so it’s evident that you’re going to miss the beach during summer if you’re busy studying in Hradec Králové. But not to worry now cause you know exactly where to go to get those beach vibes.
  • Running away: if you are someone who has tired all the activities mentioned above and really need a break from Hradec Králové, then you can just take a train or a bus to the neighboring towns and to Prague or Brno. Traveling from HK to other towns is pretty easy, straightforward and cheap. Students also get a student discount on using public transport to places.