Things Hradec Kralove has to offer to students

22. 7. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

studying in Hradec KrálovéHradec Kralove, located near the Krkonoše, the highest Czech mountains, at the convergence of the Elbe and Orlice rivers, offers a very nice city vibe. This is one of the oldest cities in Czech Republic and allows international students as well as travelers a chance to explore Czech culture and history.

Students life in Hradec Kralove is very lively, organized and very diversified. There is so much to discover for you in this place. Apart from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Faculty of Charles University, the city also hosts the University of Hradec Králové with its four faculties and another institutions of higher education.

studying in hradec králové

Students love studying in such a city because it allows them to concentrate on their work during the week as well as relax and have fun on the weekends. ME, being a medical student have a lot of studying it do and that’s why it’s so important that am in an environment where I can study well without being around a lot of distraction. Studying for vast degrees like medicine, pharmacy, engineering becomes easier staying in this city because of how student-oriented it is.

Transportation from HK to bigger cities like Prague and Brno is very simple and not very time-consuming. It’s one direct train to Prague which takes almost two hours. You could just catch one of these trains on a Friday and spend a nice day in Prague with your friends, or by yourself and come back in the night feeling refreshed and ready to conquer another week of studying and stressful work. Other than going to bigger cities, you could catch a train or a bus and go to Trutnov. From here, you have an easy route to some of the highest and beautiful mountains of the Czech Republic.

Studying in Hradec Králové

Other than good universities to study in, Hradec Kralove also has some amazing cafes and places to enjoy your free time with friends to offer. The city has many beautiful parks and biking trails where you could just take your bike and go on a long stroll. Some other beautiful places of HK are Hradec U Nechanic, The White Tower (if you climb the white tower which serves as a clock tower and also the tallest point in the city), and the East Bohemian Museum.

Throughout the year you will find many events in the city. On new year’s day, there is a firework show in the old town, one of the best attractions in the region. There are also film and theatre festivals, sports events, karate or dancing competitions, art events, exhibitions. Hradec Kralove gives you everything you are looking for.