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25. 3. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

Ambis universityAmbis University is among the largest private colleges in Czechia with over 5000 students that offers business education tailored for the 21st century. Learn from experts who have real professional experience in business fields, apply theory to practice and enjoy living in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Ambis University currently offers three bachelor programmes, all classes are taught in English and the tuition is 3900 EUR per year. The school is part of Erasmus+, of course.

Marketing and Brand Management is a study programme which will teach you all necessary strategies and marketing tools in order to help build a successful company and create a good brand name. You can find employment as a marketing manager, key account manager, marketing strategist or a media consultant.

Start-Up and Entrepreneurship is an ideal choice for those of you dreaming of establishing your own company while avoiding blunders inexperienced people make. Don’t worry, even if you decide not to pursue this path in the end, as a graduate you can still become a chief financial officer, marketing manager or a managing director.

Financial Management and Accounting, as the name suggests, will provide you with skills needed to manage finances and tax systems. If you want to become an expert in company finances and financial planning, this is the right programme for you. Graduates land jobs as financial advisors, consultants, accounting managers and various finance specialists.

The subjects you can look forward to in all of these programmes are Economics, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Law, Introduction to Sociology, Mathematics for Economists, IT Skills, Academic Writing, Statistical Methods in Economics, Accounting, Global Economy and Politics, Regional Development, Human Resource Management, Tax System, Corporate Finance, Commercial Law, Operations Management, Public Administration of the European Union, Business Information Systems and many others.

If you’re a business enthusiast who wants to study in our gorgeous capital, be sure to check out Ambis University!

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