Business education with language foundation

31. 1. 2023 | Inspirace

NEWTON UniversityDo you want to study business in the Czech Republic but you don’t speak Czech at all and your English isn’t that great either? Don’t lose hope! For the upcoming academic year 2023/2024, NEWTON University is opening a four-year bachelor programme that includes a foundation year during which you will be able to hone your language skills.

If you don’t come from an English-speaking country, there’s a big chance your high-school knowledge of English isn’t exactly the level required to study a degree programme. Knowing that the language barrier shouldn’t stand in the way of success and pursuing further education abroad, NEWTON came up with a unique solution that isn’t common at Czech universities – a foundation year.

This foundational year promises to give you enough time and study support to successfully reach the B2 level of English that’s generally required to study at European universities. Of course, once you enrol to NEWTON, you’re in for their excellent programme Global Business and Management so there’s no need to worry!

NEWTON University is a modern business school of the twenty-first century that focuses not only on bookish knowledge, but mainly active language acquisition and practical skills to kick-start your career in business. If you’re someone with ambition and an entrepreneurial mindset, be sure to check out their programme—it might be a great match.

You will study subjects such as microeconomics & macroeconomics, business administration, psychology for managers, marketing, mathematics & statistics, marketing communication, human resources management, law for managers, political and cultural aspects of global business, presentation skills, project & strategic management and international trade.

Part of your studies will be also a compulsory internship so that you obtain some real-life work experience. If you’re intrigued, read our previous article on various activities this university engages in and inspiriting stories of their alumni. Should you still hesitate, visit NEWTON’s campus on 2 February 2023 and see for yourself during the Open Day!

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