Czech universities have placed in the Shanghai Ranking

20. 10. 2020 | News

Czech universities have placed in the Shanghai RankingAmong the 1000 top universities of the world, there are 7 universities from the Czech Republic in this year’s edition of the Shanghai Ranking. This ranking belongs to the most prestigious ones in the world, along with Times Higher Education and the QS World University Rankings.

Compared to the 2019 ranking, the Czech University of Life Sciences made the biggest step up. It is now on the shared 801st – 900th position (100 spots higher than last year). On the 901st to 1000th position, there are the University of Chemistry and Technology and the University of South Bohemia.

The Czech university with the highest ranking is the Charles University, which shares the 201st to 300th position with universities like the Durham University or the Dartmouth College which is a member university of the prestigious Ivy League.

The second one was the Palacký University in Olomouc (501st – 600th position), followed by the Masaryk University in Brno (601st to 700th) and the Czech Technical University in Prague (701st to 800th). All three universities stayed on the same positions as last year.

US universities on the top again

Every year, the Academic Ranking of World Universities is dominated by the universities in the USA. There is 234 of them in the top 1000. In the Top Ten, there is 8 Us schools – Harvard is the first with the maximum possible score – 100 points out of 100. The two non-US universities in the Top Ten are Oxford and Cambridge. The top university among those in the continental Europe is the French Paris-Saclay University on the 14th place, followed by ETH Zurich (20th) and the University of Copenhagen (33rd). The best Asian university in the ranking is the University of Tokyo (26th). The only university from Slovakia was the Comenius University in Bratislava (601st – 700th).