Czech volunteers launch a new information portal about COVID-19 measures

11. 11. 2020 | News

new information portal about COVID-19The new information COVID PORTAL was created by volunteers from the Česko. Digital initiative to provide a coherent overview about current measures, restrictions, resources, testing information and other relevant data about COVID-19 in the Czech Republic. The website is in both Czech and English languages.

The website provides detailed information related to COVID in daily life such as which shops and establishments are in operation, which activities are allowed, how to manage life events during the pandemic or overview of compensation programmes. The portal also includes advice on how to handle the mental health toll of the pandemics and how to deal with stress during these unusual times.

While this information can be found on official websites of the Czech Ministry of Health or the Ministry of the Interior, the group of volunteers wanted to provide answers to all coronavirus FAQs in one centralized location for an easier orientation in the current measures by citizens. However, the site is currently running in beta form, and information may not yet be entirely complete.



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