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30. 4. 2023 | Fields of Study

multidisciplinary study programmes in CzechiaIf you’re someone who doesn’t have only one narrow field of interest, you might consider exploring multidisciplinary study programmes. What are the advantages? You get a much wider range of knowledge and you might even become a person who brings various fields together, coming up with new solutions while combining more points of view.

We already wrote about Mendel University because they offer excellent study programmes focused on horticulture and forestry. You can even get your business degree with them! However, what if your interests lie in both ecology and economics and you’re interested in political science on top? For those of you, Mendel University offers a unique study programme called International Territorial Studies.

Is this you? You like looking at things as being interconnected. You care about ecology and recognise that environmental issues need addressing, but you also know that international relations and politics play a huge role in territorial decision-making. You realise that economics is a huge factor as well. Well, look no further! International Territorial Studies consist of 40% political science, 35% economic and 25% biology and ecology.

You will study subjects such as global agriculture, microeconomics, European Union, political problems of developing countries, environmentalism, project management, mathematics, applied statistics, entrepreneurship in the developing world, international business, international relations and contemporary security, environmental policy, global forestry, agriculture economics, forest management and many more.

With this degree, you can then work as an expert in institutions focused on regional development such as the UN, the EU, OECD and others. Should you decide that’s not for you, apply your knowledge working for financial institutions supporting development activities or as a coordinator at various humanitarian organisations. You could also work as a project manager or run your own business.

International Territorial Studies offer a 3-year long bachelor’s degree as well as a follow-up 2-year long master’s programme. All you need to do is to apply to the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies and pass the admission entrance exam. The tuition fee is 2600 EUR per the whole academic year. Good luck!

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