Internationalization remains a priority for the University of Hradec Kralove

22. 8. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Czech German relationsBefore the start of summer break, the campus of the University of Hradec Kralove had the opportunity to welcome the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Czech Republic, Christoph Israng. UHK as well as the German side, for both of them internationalization of studies and creative activities at the university remains the priority.

According to Daniela Vrabcová, Vice-dean for the international relations of the Faculty of Education UHK “this meeting with the ambassador confirms the common interest in strengthening and developing Czech-German relations”. The focus was not only on teaching German in Czech schools but also teaching Czech in German universities but also on the offer of studies accredited in English.

The ambassador was impressed by the activities of the Department of German Language and Literature of the PdF UHK. In his opinion, the number of German companies operating in the Czech Republic is increasing and they are particularly interested in employees who speak German. The ambassador also looks forward to starting online teaching for international students and teaching Czech with intermediate German. As soon as the pandemic restrictions ease he would like to meet the students at the German Embassy in Prague.

The Federal Republic of Germany has been an important partner of the University of Hradec Kralove, regarding cooperation within the Erasmus program which is established in 25 German universities.

Germany is a very popular destination for exchange students. It was even one of the five most frequent destinations for the study abroad students according to Vice-Rector Stašová.