Learn Czech for free and then study at the University of Hradec Králové

9. 6. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Learn CzechIf you are considering studying in Czechia but you’re afraid of the language barrier, you might consider applying to the Summer School at the University of Hradec Králové organised by the Philosophical Faculty. You can learn the basics of our quite difficult language and obtain some knowledge about our beautiful Central European country.

The course is free of charge because it’s made for students who will then continue with their studies at this university. The Summer School consists of 40 hours of the Czech language course taught by professional teachers. The deadline for application is 25 June and the course lasts from 16 August till 27 August.

The Philosophical Faculty is famous for its unique specialisations in Latin America and Africa and the application of modern digital technologies in humanities. However, it also offers traditional study programmes such as archaeology, archival science, philosophy, history, political science, sociology and social work. The tuition fee is 1 500 EUR per semester but you can apply for a scholarship if your study results are good enough.

Bachelor programme

The faculty currently offers in English one 3-year long bachelor study programme Political Science designed as an overview of political systems, political thinking, international relations and European integration. You’ll also learn about electoral systems, political parties and to analyse functioning of political systems in all European countries.

Master programmes

If you’ve already obtained your bachelor degree, you can continue with 2-year long master programmes. You can go for Central European Studies which focuses on inter-disciplinary overview of humanities and social sciences. This course will give you thorough knowledge of Central European realia in modern history, politics, culture, society and economy while also offering courses of Czech, Polish and German.

If you’re not so politically inclined, you can go for Philosophy. This study programme will prepare you to become an expert in contemporary philosophy but not as an isolated discipline—you will pursue philosophy of language, mind, politics, anthropology, nature sciences and even social science.

Postgraduate programmes

If you’d love to obtain a fancy PhD degree, the faculty offers two 4-year long postgrad programmes in which they specialize in and are very exotic for Czechia—African Studies or Latin American Studies. Students are expected to carry out an extensive field research related to the topic of their dissertation.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to study the Czech language and then stay here!

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