Making Plans for the Upcoming Year

17. 12. 2023 | Student Life

Happy New Year at the Czech UniversitiesThe year 2023 is coming to an end. Hopefully, it was a successful one. When a year ends, people find it nostalgic. But where something old ends, there is a new beginning at the same time. Do you make plans for the future? Do you prefer to leave things just as they are and wait for what’s going to happen? Of course, some unexpected things might occur, but it’s a good idea to make overall plans and to focus on the main goals you would like to achieve in the upcoming year.

Start with brainstorming

There are so many things that have to be done. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed by tasks. Write down an efficient to-do list. How to start? You can start by brainstorming. Write down all the things you would like to achieve the following year. Write down everything. It might be something regarding your study plans as well as your personal life. This will help you to focus on your main priorities.

Are there any new skills you would like to learn? Maybe you would like to learn a new language. Maybe there is a new project or a blog with innovative content you would like to set up. Maybe you would like to take up a new hobby which might be beneficial either for your health or for your study focus. Or just for fun. That is also a legitimate option. People have to find a way to relax. Maybe there are some things you need to learn to be accepted to your dream university. Remember to enjoy learning new things.

Be organized using mind maps

Once your brainstorming is finished, make a mind map. Organize your thoughts on certain topics. You might use some highlighters and colored pencils to mark the most important things that you prioritize due to their importance or urgency (like the deadline to apply for a university etc.).

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

Every single person has to cope with their weaknesses. Don’t forget about your strengths though. It’s important to know what you’re good at. Start from there and ask yourself a question: Can I do something to improve my skills so that they are even better? By identifying your strengths, you might also find an effective solution to combat your weaknesses.


Finding the right university is a big step to make. If you haven’t decided which school would be the best for you yet, do your research. Look up the universities based on the field of study you’re interested in. If you can’t decide which field of study or school would be the best for you, make a list of pros and cons. This can help you to see graphically where the pros outweigh the cons et vice versa. It’s important to focus on priorities and think ahead. Think of the school as an investment, which should help you to achieve your goals and make the best of your life. At the same time, think about your life as a student. Would you like to study in Prague? Would you prefer a smaller town, like Olomouc or Pardubice?


To find the perfect university for you in Czechia, you can start here. Good luck in 2024!




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