MUNI, CVUT and BUT established an institute focused on cybersecurity

29. 12. 2020 | News

cybersecurityMasaryk University together with the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Brno University of Technology have established the CyberSecurity Hub to strengthen their cooperation on cybersecurity. In addition to deepening joint professional activities, the new institute’s goal is also to support industry and companies and European certification of cutting-edge technologies in the field of cybersecurity.

The new institute will build on the joint activities of its founders in the National Center for Competence for Cybersecurity, where leading Czech research institutions and private companies cooperate. In the beginning of its operation, the institute will focus on the construction of a European digital innovation hub and on the creation of a special certification authority in the field of cybersecurity.

Vice-Rector of Masaryk University for Development, Legislation and IT Radim Polčák said: “This unique cooperation of three universities, which represent the top in cybersecurity research at the national and international level, will significantly strengthen the position and competitiveness of Czech research and education and cooperation with the application sphere in cybersecurity.

CyberSecurity Hub will also aim to become a certification authority which may assess the compliance of new cutting-edge technologies with safety requirements and perform their certification. The certification authority will operate according to the new European legislation, so its certificates will be valid throughout the European Economic Area. Thanks to the cooperation of the top capacities of the three participating universities, the institute wants to compete with certification authorities from large EU member states.

The strategic management of the hub’s activities will be in the hands of a board of directors composed of representatives of each university and independent experts. To achieve its goals, the institute will cooperate with external research institutions, public administration, private companies, professional associations, industry clusters and other organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Close cooperation with Czech companies in the field of cybersecurity will lead to the improvement of the useful properties of their products and services, and thus to the strengthening of the competitiveness of Czech industry on an international scale,” concluded Pavel Zemčík, Dean of the BUT Faculty of Information Technology.



CyberSecurity Hub: a new centre for cooperation on cybersecurity | News |

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