Student Ambassadors: Daniel Jacques from the USA

21. 6. 2021 | Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors: Patrick Hacha

How did you find out about CZU?

I saw a poster in the hallway one day after class (@IRSC) that was promoting a trip to the Czech Republic and Hong Kong. I had never been to Europe or Asia, and the timing of the trip was set up perfectly after my graduation, so I decided to sign up for it. The professor in charge of the program (Dr. Ricardo) also had a class I needed for credits, so I booked it knowing that I could find out more about the excursion and get to know the person leading us out there. Quite often, he would talk about his love for Prague and then told us his story of how he came to find out about CZU. As the semester progressed, he talked about the Master programs they offered and really piqued my interest. Looking back on it, I think I was sold on CZU before ever leaving the States.

Why did you choose Master in Business Administration?

To be honest, I would have done anything to be in Europe once I got to experience the Summer Abroad trip here. But after going through the options, there was a strong perception of value to come and get an MscBA degree in a foreign country and the price point was budget friendly. Also, I had spent the past few weeks with the coordinator of the program, and he was able to give me insight on what all was offered and what to expect in the studies.

What was the best about your decision?

That may be impossible to answer without writing a book (haha) the entire experience was life changing. I would have to say the connections and friendships that were created are some of the biggest takeaways. CZU really helped facilitate this with the way the classes are structured and through their different student organizations. It fostered an environment for us to expand our worldview and grow our networks – internationally – with so many different nationalities in one place.

What was the most difficult?

Econometrics (hahah) I was definitely challenged with that class. But seriously, of course it isn’t easy leaving family or being in a foreign country “alone,” but I have moved many times in the past – making the transition less difficult. I’d say the hardest part was the language barrier – ale učím se!

What was the biggest difference in comparison with US university system?

Well, I was a college connoisseur (ahah). I moved quite often to experience different states, so I attended schools in Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida. All of them had their pros, cons, and uniqueness, but they were all much more geared towards individualized learning. At CZU, there was a large focus on teamwork and collaboration. I think this is an essential piece when shifting to a career, so it was a welcomed change of pace. And with the broad range of nationalities, we were able to work with and through the different cultural norms we all brought to the table. Oh! There are also these ‘block classes’ that bring in professors from various countries around the world. They teach an intensive and practical one-week course based on the class. It really helped get another perspective on the material and it gave us the opportunity to put it into practice. I thought this was a nice touch to the studies.

Student Ambassadors: Patrick Hacha

What surprised you the most after you moved in Prague?

Hmm. Maybe just the general lifestyle difference. The ease of getting around the city with public transport or even on foot. There is such an abundance of options as well that keep things fresh and exciting. After being here a few years now, I am surprised how the feeling of awe and wonder I got when I first arrived is still present when I travel around. The city just has a unique charm to it!

Did you meet some interesting people/GF?

Quite a few! Both with the regular students and the Erasmus groups, I was always meeting new people full of character and large personalities. This made for many great memories and friendships. I was lucky, too, that the Study Abroad trip that brought me here introduced me to different students and faculty members – giving me a smooth transition into the city. One of the student ambassadors even became my GF – so I’d say the program was certainly a success!

What do you do now after you successfully graduated?

My CZU experience was so good, I decided to come back. This time as a teacher. Currently, I am teaching English but will be taking on more business-based courses in the oncoming semesters. In addition to teaching, I am putting the education to use in various ways with different entrepreneurial ventures and doing some consulting on the side. I wrote my thesis on a food truck startup and would like to pursue that at some point in the future as well.

What would you say to those who are still undecided on pursuing their degree here? 

Jump in. Both feet. You can get a degree just about anywhere. But this is more than just a title change, it’s a full life experience. With its well-rounded teaching from professors all across the world; dorms, multiple cafes and restaurants, sports facilities, etc. all on campus for social activities; student clubs & organizations for self-development and career growth; and an incredible city to explore when you’re not in class – your ROI comes back tenfold. For those who are thinking of staying post-graduation like I did, Prague is also one of the best cities for finding a job as unemployment numbers are incredibly low! See you soon.

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