Study in German or French

15. 8. 2022 | Inspirace

Study Philosophy in German or FrenchForeign students who come to the Czech Republic usually expect to study in English exclusively, alternatively in Czech. However, did you know that there are a few options to study also in German or French? If you’re not into charity or theology we’re covered already, consider advanced philosophy.

The Faculty of Humanities is among the youngest faculties of Charles University that gained academic autonomy in order to offer unique study programmes. While most their studies are in English, they also offer a few study options in other languages.

You can study German and French Philosophy (Deutsche und französische Philosophie) to obtain your Master’s and then continue to PhD, both in German. This extraordinary study programme will take you through phenomenological philosophy, philosophical anthropology and contemporary philosophy to intercultural topics like the philosophy of art and ecological philosophy.

You can also study the same programme in French as Philosophie allemande et française but, sadly, not Master’s—PhD only. You’ll study classical as well as contemporary philosophy of Germany and France and their mutual interactions and influence. PhD students are expected to question philosophical concepts, work in small groups, closely with their supervisors, discuss topics with other scholars, attend conferences and publish their research.

European Cultural History (Europäische Kulturzeitgeschichte) is a PhD study programme in German only. It also focuses on mutual interactions between German and French philosophy but this time it aims more on the European cultural space that shaped contemporary Czech philosophical scene.

This programme is for those who want to become experts in broad historical research that includes European cultural heritage and traditions from 1918 to the present. From Kant to Husserl, it’ll take you through philosophical anthropology, existential philosophy, hermeneutics and phenomenological ontology that influenced our contemporary cultural environment.