Study in the Czech Republic: Information and Communication Technologies

17. 5. 2020 | Fields of Study

Study InformaticsInformatics is a scientific and engineering field for the 21st century. ICT has become an integral part of all spheres of our society and affects our daily lives and brings new unimaginable possibilities that influence everything we do. The demand for e-skills keeps growing at a tremendous pace, which gives prospective students a high chance to get a job in the field soon after graduation.

For example, the European labor market is projected to grow by more than 670,000 new jobs in 2020, but it could absorb another 756,000 ICT practitioners if only sufficient supply were in sight according to a recently published study by Empirica.

These are some of the ICT programmes taught in English offered by various Czech universities:

Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics at Czech Technical University in Prague

Faculty of Information Technology is the youngest faculty at the Czech Technical University in Prague, one of the oldest European technical university with more than 300 years of history. Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics choose their branch during their study—at the latest with the choice of bachelor thesis topic. In 2020/2021 academic year, the following branches are open:

· Computer Science Bachelor Branch
· Computer Security and Information Technology Bachelor Branch
· Web and Software Engineering Bachelor Branch, Software Engineering Specialization

Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The 3-year study programme in Informatics prepares specialists in informatics mainly for professions where the information and communication technologies are exploited.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Charles University

The study program Computer Science has six specializations. The first year of study is common for all six specializations, which allows students to pick their specializations as late as in the second year of study. These are the available options:

· Programming and software development
· Systems programming
· Databases and web
· Computer graphics, vision, and game development
· Foundations of computer science
· Artificial intelligence

Computer Science

Master’s Degree in Informatics at Czech Technical University in Prague

Students choose their specialization during the study—at the latest with the choice of diploma thesis topic. In 2020/2021 academic year, the following branches are open:

· Computer Security Master Branch
· Computer Systems and Networks Master Branch
· Design and Programming of Embedded Systems Master Branch
· Web and Software Engineering Master Branch, Software Engineering Specialization

Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Charles University

In the academic year 2020/2021, there are seven Computer Science Master’s programmes taught in English offered at Charles University:

· Artificial Intelligence
· Discrete Models and Algorithms
· Language Technologies and Computational Linguistics
· Software and Data Engineering
· Software Systems
· Theoretical Computer Science
· Visual Computing and Game Development

Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management at University of Economics, Prague

The Information Systems Management (ISM) Master Programme is designed to train specialists in the development and management of information systems, existing either in business companies or the public sector, able to flexibly respond to the needs and challenges of the continuously changing IS/ICT and business environments.

Master’s Degree in Informatics at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The 2-year master´s degree in Informatics prepares professionals in informatics mainly for conceptual, analytical, projection and managerial activities, e.g., as:

· head of informatics department of a firm,
· manager and consultant in the information systems and services projects,
· entrepreneur and manager supplying new ICT applications,
· independent software development specialist,
· information systems analyst and project specialist,
· database and knowledge systems project specialist,
· designer of web infrastructures and configurations,
· head of programming team,
· systems integrator.

Master’s Degree in Visual Informatics at Masaryk University

The Visual Informatics program prepares students to work with image information and spatial models. Study options cover areas such as computer graphics, visualization, image processing, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, video processing, pattern recognition, human-computer interaction, 3D modelling, animation, graphic design, and machine learning.

Master’s Degree in Computer Systems, Communication and Security at Masaryk University

The programme aims to lead its graduate to understanding of architectures, principles, design methods and operations of secure computer systems, respecting both hardware and software aspects, including network communications.

Master’s Degree in Software Systems and Services Management at Masaryk University

The study program develops unique competence profile of the student based on the intersection of multiple areas of knowledge that are relevant for managing the development of software systems and services, as well as cybersecurity management. A specific feature is a focus on strategic and operational management related to the targeting, design, implementation, and operation of software systems and services within the context of organizations and different types with a possible focus on their safe operation or IT services. The cybersecurity study takes into account aspects of overlapping computer data processing outside of tightly defined system, thus enabling a specific multidisciplinary overlap of technical, social and legal aspects in this area.

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