Study law in Czechia at the Anglo-American University

7. 9. 2023 | Fields of Study

study Law in CzechiaIf you want to study law in Czechia because you love our Central European country, but you still wish to attend an international university, we have a match for you. The Anglo-American University is the oldest private university in the Czech Republic and offers some really interesting study programmes, law included.

As a foreigner, we understand that you don’t want to study Czech law (unless you plan to stay here and learn the Czech language) because it would be of no use to you. Fortunately, the study programmes that the AAU offers are accredited in the United Kingdom. The only disadvantage is that since these programmes don’t have Czech accreditation, you’re not considered to be a student in Czechia so you have to apply for a different kind of visa.

Your alternative entry into law

The Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law is an alternative entry to the study of law you should definitely consider. It’s perfect for those who maybe didn’t obtain the best grades at their secondary school and need to take it slower. There’s no shame in taking your time and focusing on developing your language and writing skills first.

While studying typical legal topics such as criminal law, legal systems and methods, contract law and public law, this unique programme will allow you to gain confidence with subjects tackling the fundamentals of legal research writing and analysis, legal English, foundations of law, legal skills development and cross-cultural negotiations.

LLB degree

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is a degree that qualifies you in common law in England and Wales. You’ll study legal topics such as criminal law, public law, contract law, legal systems and methods, torts, EU law, property law, international protection of human rights, commercial law, company law and intellectual property. Students are encouraged to participate in legal research and moot courts to develop their practical skills.

If you want to go interdisciplinary

International Relations: International Law is a 3-year-long Bachelor study programme for those of you who prefer to go more interdisciplinary and combine international relations with international law. You won’t study only law but also world history, computer information systems, sociology, economy, politics, philosophy, political geography, legal research methods, criminal justice, environmentalism, international organisations, business and human rights.

For postgraduates

LLM in International Intellectual Property Law is for Bachelor graduates who seek to deepen their knowledge further and become legal experts. This is the University of London LLM programme that you can study in Prague, but your international recognition is guaranteed. This programme will give you extensive knowledge of patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks.

LLM in Law & Development is another interdisciplinary study programme that combines law, economics and social development. You can obtain specialisations in several areas: United Nations protection of human rights, international environmental law, international economic law or international investment law.

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