Studying in the Czech Republic: International Relations

25. 11. 2019 | Fields of Study

Studying in the Czech Republic: International RelationsThe 21st century is rapidly evolving into a world governed by regional and global geopolitical issues, and economic leverage is increasingly playing a dominant role in the way states interact. The world is growing ever more inter-connected and major political decisions, influencing our everyday lives, are made not only by individual states on a domestic level, but also on an international level by regional and global institutions.

Studying international relations has become one of the most popular options among students who are interested in politics, economy, diplomacy and international affairs. Graduates of International Studies can pursue a career in diverse fields such as:

  • national administration
  • diplomacy
  • international and European institutions
  • transnational corporations, businesses, or NGOs
  • media or think-tanks
  • academia

There are several universities in the Czech Republic that offer English-language programmes in the field of international relations. Here is a list of the ones we recommend:

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of International Relations at the University of New York in Prague

The School of International Relations at UNYP offers a modern curriculum that combines the study of economics and international politics. The programme focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in political, economic, and international relations theory. The goal of the study field is to prepare students to think theoretically and analytically about politics and economics in today’s world, while using modern technology and ethical thinking to solve problems in a multicultural environment. This four-year degree is awarded by State University of New York, Empire State College. UNYP graduates continue to be successful in securing professional positions in their fields, and many are pursuing graduate degrees in the EU and USA. Alumni feedback indicates a high degree of satisfaction with the program, and students repeatedly indicate that the emphasis on oral and written communication skills, as well as critical analysis training, were instrumental in finding and retaining employment.

Bachelor of International Relations and European Politics at Masaryk University

The study field of International Relations and European Politics makes students familiar with basic issues of international relations and European studies with strong emphasis on international relations theory and theories of European integration. Key areas of the study programme include the history of international relations and Europe, the foreign policy of selected actors, and security aspects of international relations including energy security. Students can further specialize within optional courses focused on specific issues of international relations and organizations, and also on foreign policy of specific countries and regions. The IREP graduates can find employment in a number of professional areas, especially in large companies, international organizations, think-tanks, state administration and diplomatic service, apparatus of political parties and journalism.

Bachelor of International and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Economics

A three-year programme International and Diplomatic Studies prepares students for the area of international relations and provides them with theoretical and methodological knowledge, as well as extensive language skills. The programme is designed so that students acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the current international practice. The study of International Relations goes hand in hand with extensive education in Economics and is complemented by the knowledge of Law, Statistics and Mathematics. The education lays special emphasis on the interconnection of knowledge in political, economic, international law, security, cultural and other areas. Graduates of the programme acquire knowledge of an interdisciplinary nature as required by experts in current international practice. The graduates can work as: agents of the foreign service, assistants of international departments in the field of state administration, junior managers in European and international political and economic institutes and organizations, managers of international projects in NGOS, UN agencies, other international governments and NGOs at lower and junior management levels, and also employees in mass media.

Bachelor in International Relations at Anglo-American University

This three-year undergraduate programme offers a modern and interdisciplinary education in international relations. The programme builds on knowledge of theoretical and philosophical concepts across historical contexts helping students better understand politics internationally as well as domestically. The curriculum offers a balanced mix of courses on political and international relations theory, economy, philosophy and history which provide students with a solid knowledge base for their further specialization in required and elective courses dedicated to international security, foreign policy or European integration. The curriculum is complemented by a range of skills-oriented courses on writing, research or classes increasing student’s proficiency in languages other than English.  Upon completion, graduates acquire the ability to critically examine and address the international/intercultural challenges of our time, such as global inequalities, economic dependency, conflict and security, or globalization including the evolving roles of organizations such as the United Nations, NATO and the European Union.

Bachelor in International Relations at the Metropolitan University Prague

The 3-year study programme offers students an opportunity to become an expert in the field of international relations and make a career in politics, diplomacy or media. The study programme focuses not only on the international relations in general but also on important states and areas of Europe. The students get to learn from both foreign and Czech experts in the field, and also have an opportunity to meet lecturers from the Department of Anglophone Studies, International Relations and European Studies and Security Studies.

Master’s Degree

Master in International Relations at Charles University

Two-year English-language Master’s degree programme provides students with the knowledge and analytical skills to understand the international context of politics, economy, and security. In the first semester, students attend modules concerning the nature of the international system in general, such as modules on the theories of international relations, the introduction to international economic relations, and the introduction to conflict studies. In the second semester, students attend courses dealing with regional and global institutions and problem-solving. Over the course of the first study year, students also obtain systematic training in the methods and techniques of empirical political analysis. In the second year, they choose from a broad range of elective courses that deepen their understanding of the individual areas of international and European politics. These courses come from the selection offered by the department of international relations and from other departments and institutes of the Faculty. Throughout the second year, students also work on their master’s theses under the individual supervision of one of our faculty. In addition, students are encouraged to spend one or even both semesters at one of the numerous partner universities around the world in their second year.

Master in International and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Economics

The aim of the master’s programme in International and Diplomatic Studies is to produce highly specialized professionals in the fields of international politics and foreign policy with special emphasis on external economic relations, and to provide them with advanced theoretical knowledge of international relations, advanced knowledge of international and diplomatic law, and strategic decision-making in foreign service or public diplomacy on international level. The core values of the programme are comprehensive understanding of the subject, integrity of theory and practice, emphasis on ethical and environmental dimension of decision-making, and respect for the multicultural aspects of the international environment. Graduates are prepared for independent managerial, conceptual and diplomatic work in current dynamic international environment. Based on their deep interdisciplinary knowledge, they are equipped with strategic decision-making for such an environment. The graduates can work as: career diplomats, executives in European and international political or economic institutions and organizations executives of international institutions at a state-wide or regional level, , top-level managers of international projects in NGOs, UN agencies and other international public or private institutions, research workers, professional analysts, and also employees in mass media.

Joint Master Program in International Relations: Europe from the Visegrad Perspective

This 2-year joint Master’s degree programme in international relations is carried out within the framework of the VNDREAM network, which consists of: Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), University of Pecs (Hungary) and Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia). The study programme offers a unique opportunity to study international relations, European politics, economy, society & culture from the perspective of the Visegrad region. Experienced faculty of the leading universities from the Visegrad region as well as visiting professors and guest lecturers from renowned international academic and diplomatic institutions provide insightful and inspiring instruction about major developments in contemporary international law, economics, politics and culture in light of the European integration processes seen from the standpoint of the Visegrad region.

Master in International Relations and European Studies at the Metropolitan University Prague

The two-year study programme of International Relations and Europeans Studies at MUP is a follow-up to the Bachelor’s study programme of International Relations. In this programme, students acquire knowledge in the field of history, economics and other humanities and can participate in workshops with international experta and in traineeships abroad.

Master in International Relations and Diplomacy at Anglo-American University

The graduate programme in International Relations and Diplomacy builds on theory and conceptual knowledge of world affairs with an emphasis on their application in individual or collective research in the fields of international relations, conflict studies, globalization and development or diplomatic history. The curriculum offers a broad range of elective courses allowing students to pursue their interests and fruther develop critical thinking. The programme encourages students to identify, understand and criticize current geopolitical trends, conflicts and social movements with high academic proficiency. Throughout studies, the graduates cultivate their skills in research methods, diplomatic protocol or thesis writing seminar in preparation for work in governmental or non-governmental organizations, diplomacy, think tanks and academic institutions, as well as in international business organizations.

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