Top Czech Podcasts in English

24. 3. 2020 | Student Life

Top Czech Podcasts in EnglishThere has been a big boom of podcasting in the Czech Republic in the last few months. Not long time ago, even people who used streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music were not familiar with podcasts at all. Nowadays it is quite a common thing for Czechs – people enjoy listening to podcasts very much, mainly while sitting on a tram or bus or while driving to work. You can find a huge variety of them on Spotify, from sports to politics to dining. Among the many Czech podcasts currently trending, there are several in English language that we would recommend anyone who lives in the country!

· Prague Talk

Prague Talk brings together the best of Radio Prague International’s interviews with fascinating people either from the Czech Republic or with a connection to the country as a regularly updated podcast, delivered as a download to your device or available via streaming services. Many of these interviews were conducted by long-time Radio Prague journalist Ian Willoughby who has interviewed many Czech personalities from different spheres.

· Deep Talks – ENG

Petr Ludwig is a keynote speaker and author of the bestselling book The End of Procrastination, a book dedicated to overcoming the habit of putting off tasks and responsibilities. His book has been translated into 17 languages and sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. In his podcast, Ludwig invites thinkers, authors, speakers or innovation leaders as guests and together they discuss topics like personal values, purpose at work and life, or how to improve today’s society.

· Taste of Prague

Nine years ago, a bunch of young people born in the Czech capital city, started offering tours around the most interesting places to eat and drink well in Prague. “We started Taste of Prague Food Tours in 2011. We wanted to chat with people from abroad, eat some food with them, and, with any luck, crash on their couch when we travel later. Taste of Prague has been a thinly veiled vehicle for that,” they say. The tours are very successful nowadays and so is their podcast, which consists of episodes both in Czech and English with people who share the love for food and travelling.

· Aliens of Prague

Soumik is a young Bangladeshi student studying in Prague. His Instagram accounts @alien_in_bohemia with hand-drawn pictures as well and @bohemia_memes give a funny insight on living in Czech Republic as a foreign student. Despite starting with the podcast in

December, the channel has already an impressive number of episodes, featuring interviews with foreigners living in the country who share their experience.

· Czechmate

Tomáš Sedláček is a well-known economist and philosopher. He is the author of Economics of Good and Evil which was translated into 21 languages and won many prestigious prizes for original philosophical contribution to economics. Sedláček, who was also an economic advisor to the former Czech President Václav Havel, he describes his English podcast as “a thinking path to what’s happening in our lifetimes to us as human being.”

· Creative Mornings Prague

Creative Mornings Prague serve monthly breakfast for thought. They invite interesting speakers from different fields – people from the creative industry, NGOs but also doctors or animal trainers. They say their goal is “to take people out of their daily routine and wake them up differently, creatively and with love.” You should definitely give it a try!

· Czech Life

Czech Life is a new podcast by Vít Pohanka, a journalist of the Czech Radio and former journalist of the Czech TV and BBC. He also worked in Paris for UNESCO. In his podcast he talks about the history, present and future of the country and brings us to maybe not so well-known sights of the Czech Republic.

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