Unicorn University to Become First Czech Online University

19. 6. 2020 | PR articles

Unicorn UniversityOffering education in IT, data analysis, and business, the institution formerly known as Unicorn College has made this move partly in response to the Master study programmes added to its offer as of the academic year 2019/2020. This is the first university in the Czech Republic which has started its preparations to provide purely long-distance learning with online lessons.

A lot of things happened in 13 years since its founding and the young, ambitious college has grown into a mature, self-confident university, providing education both to students attending its Bachelor and Master study programmes and to general public by means of lectures, conferences, and various levels of online courses.

We are safe in the knowledge that the things we teach actually work. Indeed, the information and skills imparted to our students are in many ways identical to what we teach at Unicorn Top Gun Academy – a long-term comprehensive education system for all co-workers of our parent, Unicorn.

In recent years, we have systematically extended our offer of real-world projects in which students may participate, securing attractive partnerships for study and mandatory internship purposes.

Based on both current and future needs of the market and because of the exponential growth of available and processed data, we have increased the focus on data analysis. In the last academic year, we have started offering a comprehensive set of Bachelor and Master study programmes (with students awarded the academic degrees Bc. and Ing., respectively, upon graduation) in IT, data analysis, and business.

Unicorn University 2

If you would like to learn to develop applications, navigate cloud environments, and deal with the Internet of Things, take a look at our Bachelor study programme Software Development. You will learn coding and you will get to understand the process and management of software projects.

If you are looking for a proper start of your economic/management education, please consider our Business Management Bachelor study programme.

If you would like to obtain two degrees at once, we can offer our Double Degree International Management programme in cooperation with our partner University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS), Germany.

If you already have a Bachelor degree, or if you like to plan for a longer term, take a pick from our Master study programmes.

If you would like to go deeper to understand the architecture of applications and work with big data or AI tools, you could enrol in our Software Engineering and Big Data programme. With the assistance of our lecturers, you can internalise the theory of statistical methods and their usage, and learn to work with data and analytical outputs efficiently, visualising and interpreting results.

And if you do not feel like software experts, rest assured that economics in a wider context and ability to work with data shall be market drivers for many years to come. So, our study programme Applied Economics and Data Analysis might be just for you.

Unicorn University

We have been transforming all of our study programmes to provide fully long-distance / online learning experience. And we have become the first university in the Czech Republic getting ready for this move.

Ing. Marek Beránek, Ph.D, Managing Director, Unicorn University, can tell you more about the online lessons we offer: “We are quite ready to provide fully long-distance learning experience. When educational institutions had to close their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic, we considered it an opportunity to test this approach in practice. In the upcoming academic year, it is most likely we will provide only the regular classroom study and combined study as before, with e-learning and online lessons an important but still just a complementary channel. However, if the long-distance study accreditation process goes as expected, we will become the first university in the Czech Republic to offer fully online learning experience. We suppose to make this leap in the following academic year, which means September 2021, at the latest.”

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