Study skills 4# Overcoming procrastination

It seems as if procrastination became a synonym for being a student. We all postpone our tasks from time to time, it’s only natural to avoid things that are unpleasant. But what if procrastination starts ruining your life? The term procrastination comes from the Latin word pro-crastinus which means “belonging to tomorrow.” You can procrastinate …

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Study Skills 3# Time-management for students

If you feel that you don’t have time to accomplish your tasks even though you don’t procrastinate that much, it’s highly probable that your current time-management isn’t effective. Panicking during exam periods doesn’t have to be part of your student life and forget the lie that you work best under pressure. You don’t. How to …

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How to stay motivated during distance learning

We get it, distance learning sucks. While it can be an appealing idea at first because you don’t have to commute and wake up early, it inevitably gets boring and tedious. And a huge let-down especially for freshmen who can’t experience real university life. How to stay motivated and not go crazy? 1. Follow a …

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