Advanced informatics and statistics

4. 6. 2023 | Fields of Study

Study informatics and statistics in CzechiaFounded in 1953, Prague University of Economics and Business is the biggest public university in Czechia that offers study programmes focused primarily on economics and business. However, that’s not their entire scope. Let’s explore some of their advanced study programmes in informatics and statistics.

The Faculty of Informatics and Statistics is currently offering two Master’s programmes and three PhD programmes in English. While not free of charge (that would apply only if you would be able to study in Czech), the tuition fee of 5000 EUR for the whole academic year makes studying here reasonably affordable. What can you choose from?

Master programmes

Economic Data Analysis is a two-year-long study programme with key fields of study in statistics, econometrics, operational research, data modelling and prognosis. You can choose from two major specialisations during your first semester and go either with Official Statistics or Data Analysis and Modelling.

Information Systems Management is very unique because it combines IT studies with management. It also has two major specialisations to choose from, either Management of Business Informatics or Data & Business. Key fields of study, in this case, are IS/ICT management, business process engineering and optimisation, project management, IS audit, data analytics, statistical methods, big data processing and even machine learning which is a buzzword nowadays.

PhD programmes

Applied Informatics is a study programme for those who wish to become real experts in their field. If it’s your passion to become a bridge between users’ goals and the possibilities of information technology, this might be a good match for you. Key topics you will be covering include the relationship between the economic environment and informatics, business information strategy, system integrators, various IS/IT architectures, modern software development, agile methodologies and advanced techniques of data processing.

Economics and Operations Research prepares future professionals in optimisation models, econometric modelling and forecasting, mathematical economics, optimal control and simulation models. You will be able to apply your knowledge in fields such as mathematical programming, game theory, network analysis, project management, multicriteria decision-making, inventory theory and econometric modelling analyses in microeconomics as well as microeconomics.

Statistics is a perfect PhD programme for those of you who aspire to become top-ranking experts capable of solving important economic issues. The students will gain not only an extensive overview of the theory of statistics but also knowledge of new approaches and various discussion topics. Recently, there’s been a lack of young qualified professionals in this field and graduates are in high demand.




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