Another game teaching Czech history

28. 4. 2022 | News

Game StudiesWe’ve already informed about the Czech gaming studio Charles Games when we were promoting their previous titles: Attentat 1942 and Svoboda 1945. Just a few weeks ago the studio launched another game called Train to Sachsenhausen. The game is available for iOs, Android and Windows in English, Czech and German and this time you can play it for free!

Once again, Train to Sachsenhausen is set during the Second World War in Czechia. The story’s protagonist is a young student of medicine who experiences the closing of Czech universities in November 1939. The protagonist is fictitious but everything else is historically accurate and its creators even wrote a guideline for teachers who would like to use the game during history classes.

The gameplay is in a form of an interactive film with elements of puzzle adventure and a card game. Your decisions matter and contribute to several possible endings. As for graphic design, the game combines a comic book narrative with authentic historical records in which you can watch real testimonies.

You’ll be able to experience historical events of Czech students being arrested during anti-Nazi protests, see the funeral of Jan Opletal (a famous historical figure who fell victim to the Nazi regime) and also a dreadful transport to a concentration camp in Sachsenhausen.

Even though the story itself is quite short, it’s elaborate, reasonably difficult and your protagonist’s life can end prematurely if you’re not careful enough. And should you persevere, don’t expect a traditional happy ending.

Just a kind reminder that it’s possible to enrol for Game Studies at Charles University and study game development in Czechia. There’re many studios in our country creating world-renowned videogames that are always looking for young promising programmers.



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