Cycling around the equator in a month – University of South Bohemia

26. 8. 2021 | News

USB sport challengeThe University of South Bohemia participated in the international Academic Bicycle Challenge in June 2021 and achieved some great results. The Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) is an international cycling competition for universities and higher education institutions. The main goal of this challenge is to find the most active cycling university. The pros of this competition are that it allows to improve international prestige and awareness of participating universities and also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

ABC takes place every year among international and domestic universities around the globe. It happens year long and each university chooses a month in which they would try to cycle the most. Among the 17 universities that finished in June, the University of South Bohemia has been able to achieve 3rd place. The participants from USB cycled 41,281 km in total. They have proved that they are not only one of the best in the field of science, education, and research but also sports. The best riders and the team with the highest number of kilometers cycles were awarded gifts and trophies by prof. PhDr.Bohumil Jiroušek, Dr. , USB rector.

‘FROV JU’  was the best team and cycled a distance of 8,225 km, which contributed to the victory of the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection waters. Prof. Ing. Pavel Kozák, Ph.d., dean of the Faculty was awarded the best performing Faculty award.

The commitment of all the participants was commendable. This challenge motivated participants towards greater physical activity after the difficult period of the pandemic. It also allowed the participants to relieve exam stress and tension through exercise.

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