Excellent language courses at MUP

10. 5. 2023 | Study in the Czech Republic

language courses at Metropolitan University PragueMetropolitan University Prague is one of the oldest private universities in Czechia offering intriguing study programmes and you can read all about those in our previous article. However, did you know that MUP puts great emphasis on foreign languages? No matter which study programme you enrol in with them, all students have an opportunity to obtain foreign language proficiency.

Why is that? MUP considers language acquisition to be an integral part of their student’s curriculum and an essential skill set of every graduate that should be ready to face the job market. All study programmes are taught in English so a quite high level of this language is pretty much a pre-requisite to enrol, but they understand you’re not a linguist so you will be able to deepen your English language skills further.

Moreover, there are other options. You can take French, German and Spanish as well. Don’t worry if you’re just a humble beginner, students are divided into groups based on their current level and studies are focused on developing all skills at the same time (speaking, listening, reading, grammar, writing) so you should be able to catch up quickly.

It’s also possible to study Asian languages as a free choice subject for anybody interested, even the general public or students from other schools. The Department of Asian Studies currently offers Chinese and Japanese and the course fee is only 165 EUR. Have you ever wanted to understand anime? Don’t hesitate!

What about Czech you ask? Maybe you heard that studying in Czech is free of charge, however magical that may sound, and you want to try it. The good news is that MUP also offers an intensive course in Czech for foreigners as part of their Lifelong Learning Programme and it won’t be just about learning a few polite phrases.

This intensive course is designed for those who are serious about learning Czech and would like to learn the language to be able to enrol into Czech study programmes. Beware, this will be no walk through a rosy park but a crazy rollercoaster that guarantees high-quality instruction conducted by university professors and professional language teachers to ensure rapid improvement.

You can take this course as the whole Preparatory Year (two semesters) costing up to 2 675 EUR or a one-semester course that costs 1 317 EUR. Both variants are based on the communicative approach and cover all language skills as well as basic facts about the Czech Republic. You will be speaking Czech in no time!