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30. 6. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

Study at Metropolitan University PragueMetropolitan University Prague is one of the oldest and largest private universities in Czechia with approximately 1500 new students enrolling each year. It offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in English for affordable tuition fees. If you want to study in an international environment, check out their attractive study programmes.

MUP is part of Erasmus+ student exchange and also Erasmus+ traineeships. You might even get a double degree in cooperation with its foreign partners. If you wish, you might take a semester-long course of Czech for foreigners or even Chinese and Japanese. Naturally, the school has a library containing more than 50 000 volumes.

Anglophone Studies are perfect for those of you who aspire to speak English like a native and become knowledgeable about English-speaking countries. It’s about language skills as much as it’s about absorbing the culture, politics and history. You’ll take subjects such as international relations, academic writing, cultural studies, linguistics, world politics, economic geography, phonetics, phonology and English literature.

If you’d love to start your own business, go for International Business where you’ll learn everything you need to know about international trade, business, politics, institutions and companies. Your subjects will cover topics such as principles of management, law, marketing, microeconomics, mathematics for economists, international finance, statistics and business negotiation.

International Studies are taught in two variants, Asian or European, so just choose what interests you and dive in. They’ll both give you all the necessary knowledge on politics, cooperation and integration, law, history, political science, economy, global issues, policies, security and research methods.

Should you fall in love with your field of study, the good news is that you can continue with Anglophone Studies, International Relations and European Studies as well as Regional Studies and International Business to acquire your Master degree. These are all 2-year long programmes that will make you a real expert.

As for doctoral programmes, MUP currently offers only one such programme in English: International Relations and European Studies. You’ll deepen your knowledge even more and gain insight into conflict resolution, current issues of the European integration process, decision-making processes in the EU and its policies.

Interested? Put these dates into your calendar then: September 7 and 21 are Days of Open Doors so you can see for yourself.

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