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15. 6. 2023 | Fields of Study

study chemistry in CzechiaWhat’s THE place to study if you’re interested in chemistry? Look no more, it’s definitely the University of Chemistry and Technology! Situated in Prague, this public university ranks among the best universities in the world and is associated with famous scientists and inventors. We already presented this excellent school in one of our previous articles so let’s jump straight into their chemistry programmes.

Chemistry and Technology at three different faculties?

That’s right, you can actually study Chemistry and Technology at three different faculties! It might sound confusing, so let’s explain what’s that all about.

At the Faculty of Chemical Technology, your studies will focus on the production and properties of metals, glass, ceramic, plastics, rubber, biocompatible materials and even nano and submicron-scale materials. There are three specialisations you can choose from: Chemical Technology emphasizes chemical technology, pharmaceutical technology and synthesis. Pure Chemistry specialisation is more about preparing students for the follow-up Master’s degree whereas Chemistry and Technology of Materials studies relations between chemical structures and physical properties of materials.

At the Faculty of Environmental Technology, the programme bearing the same name covers not only chemistry itself but also related disciplines such as ecology, hydrochemistry, wastewater treatment, atmospheric chemistry and environmental microbiology. You can specialise in either Fuels Processing and Utilisation if you see yourself in power engineering and you’re concerned about pollution control, or go for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering if you’re interested in water, soil and air contamination and you want to learn about toxicology.

Last but not least, you can study Chemistry and Technology at the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology. Here, your main focus will be directed to biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, food chemistry, nutrition and food technologies. Out of two specialisations, you can either choose Biochemistry and Biotechnology to explore pure chemicals, biologically active molecules and biofuels, or Food Chemistry and Technology if you’re intrigued by modern as well as traditional methods of food production.

Follow-up Master programmes

Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) is a study programme offed by the Faculty of Chemical Technology. It’s perfect for those with a wider scope who wish to study all basic chemical disciplines to get comprehensive education. The emphasis is put on mastering the synthesis of organic compounds, a deep understanding of organic reactions, organometallic chemistry and catalysis. Students are expected to acquire also practical skills and spend a lot of time in a laboratory and work on their own independent research.

The same faculty is also offering a study programme called Chemistry, Technology and Materials. The specialisation in Chemistry and Chemical Technology focuses on organic synthesis, retrosynthesis, process design, and molecular spectroscopy whereas the specialisation in Materials Chemistry and Technology is about chemistry and physics of solids, microstructure-property relations, crystal chemistry and mechanics of materials.

Biotechnology and Food Science taught at the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology is for those of you aiming to become experts in bioengineering with an emphasis on food quality and safety. Graduates have a wide range of options when it comes to landing a job and can apply to biotechnological companies, food production plants, agricultural commodities, health care institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Don’t confuse the Faculty of Chemical Technology with the Faculty of Chemical Engineering! This faculty offers a modern study programme Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering aimed at those who would like to gain knowledge in the transformation and processing of raw materials into products we use in our everyday life. You will learn to understand various processes to design, manage and optimise production equipment for efficient, safe and environmentally friendly operations.


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