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30. 4. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

The University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT) is situated in Prague and ranks among the best universities in the world. UCT was officially founded in 1952 but its history began way back in 1807 when the first course in chemistry was taught at Prague Polytechnik. Many prominent chemistry experts are linked to UCT, for instance, Otto Wichterle—a Czech chemist who invented soft contact lenses. Yes, the genius who freedStudy at the University of Chemistry and Technology so many people from wearing glasses was associated with UCT!

UCT invites students interested in technical chemistry, chemical and biochemical technologies, material and chemical engineering, food chemistry and environmental studies. The school consists of four faculties, all offering 3-year long bachelor study programmes in English and following master programmes as well. The school boasts of having a well-equipped library holding over 100 000 books, subscribing to 300 technical journals and eight laboratories with modern equipment.

You can choose from various study programmes. The Faculty of Chemical Technology offers specializations in Chemical Technology, Chemistry and Technology of Materials and general Chemistry in preparation for your Master’s. If you’re interested in ecology, the Faculty of Environmental Technology has too distinctive study programmes: Sustainability and Environmental Engineering and Fuels Processing and Utilization.

The Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology has specializations in Biochemistry and Biotechnology and also Food Chemistry and Technology. And lastly, Faculty of Chemical Engineering offers Engineering and general Chemistry for those desiring a universal chemical education.

UCT is a part of Erasmus+ programme which means that Erasmus+ students don’t pay tuition. All courses in Erasmus+ catalogue are in English and applicants have to provide a confirmation that their level of English is at least B1 according to CEFR. If you’re accepted, you can then apply for student accommodation provided by the school.

Feeling inspired by Otto Wichterle? Apply to UCT!

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