Prestigious political sciences at AAU

3. 12. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

political sciences at AAUAAU stands for the Anglo-American University and if you occasionally read our articles, you’ve most probably come across it. AAU is actually the oldest private university in Czechia that has been recognised as one of the most international universities in Europe with study programmes in English. If you’re into political sciences, AAU offers seven bachelor programmes you just have to check out!

Politics and Society is a unique study of politics not only from the political science point of view but also other social sciences with special emphasis on democracy in Europe. This programme is truly interdisciplinary as you will explore how politics and society interact in connection to sociology, anthropology, religion, psychology and even economics.

Political Science: Comparative Law is ideal for those interested in theoretical and practical approaches to the EU law, international law, domestic and international legal systems, civil and constitutional law and civil rights. You’ll gain an overview of law in various contexts (political, cultural, economic) while learning how to protect civil and political rights.

Political Science: Conflict and Democracy Studies focuses on studying conflict outcomes and democratic systems of governance between states, within one state and even sub-national conflicts. You’ll analyse all aspects of conflicts including onset, duration, resolution and learn strategies for possible actions.

Political Science: European Studies is a programme with interdisciplinary range into European politics, history and institutions. The main focus is on European integration, meaning: the European Union and its history, institutions and policies. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the EU’s creation, its everyday functioning, political order and decision-making.

Political Science: Extended Major offers a nicely mixed curriculum of various courses on politics, international relations, philosophy, economy and history with an emphasis on proficient writing, research and study of foreign languages. You’ll learn how political processes effect societies by employing different governmental systems, types of elections and voting trends.

Political Science: Human Rights is perfect for those of you who have a motivation to protect human rights. Human rights are studied very thoroughly from their historical origins to our contemporary understanding. You’ll also explore human rights enforcements, historical processes of exclusion, gender equality and business ethics.

Political Science: Studies in Social and Political Development offers a range of intriguing comparative approaches on policies of international development, the historical effects of colonial institutions on contemporary economics, impacts of autocratic and democratic systems, economic and political forms of migration and also the rise of Asian economies and gender equality outcomes.

It has to be noted that AAU’s study programmes are a bit more to the expensive side with tuitions for bachelor programmes being around 21 600 EUR for a degree. However, consider that your future career prospects lie in the international environment as you’ll be landing global careers in cultural management, diplomacy, government, media and various organisations. Not a bad investment.