Student mobility in fine arts

2. 8. 2022

fine artsThe Art & Design Institut is the first private college in Czechia where you can study fine arts. If you’re looking for a full-time study programme in fine arts and plan to move to Prague, we’ve already covered their current study programmes in English. However, if you just want to spend one semester in order to get to know our beautiful country and you’re already studying somewhere else, consider applying to Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ is a programme primarily designed for the 1st and 2nd year students with possible exceptions upon agreement. The first step is to check if there already is an exchange agreement between your university and the institute. Don’t worry, even if there isn’t, you can still approach your school’s coordinator and ask for it.

If everything goes well and you’re nominated to be an exchange student, fill in an application form and submit your portfolio containing 8-10 samples of your work. You’ll also need to write a letter of motivation in English and present your passport photo.

Then select subjects you’d like to enrol in. You can choose from Painting, Graphics, Photography, Space and Art, Intermedia and Multimedia. Theoretical subjects include Art History, Marketing and Trade of Artwork, Museum and Gallery Expression, Cultural Anthropology and Psychology of Art.

The institute has bilateral agreements for student mobility with eleven schools in Spain, four schools in Italy, two in Latvia and one in Austria, Lithuania and Bulgaria so there’s a high chance your art college might be there. Visit the institute’s webpage for the comprehensive list.

The institute takes pride in preparing graduates for being artists of the 21st century so their courses are very practical. Their graduates land jobs in advertising agencies, graphic/design/photography studios, web design companies, the media and many others. Be sure to check their Facebook to see what kind of art their students are creating.

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