University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

19. 2. 2020 | PR articles

University of South BohemiaThe University of South Bohemia is a public university based in České Budějovice. It is a modern education institution with a long tradition and an important centre of science and research in the south of Bohemia.

There are almost 9’000 students in more than 220 majors studying in bachelor‘s, master’s and doctoral programs at eight Faculties – Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Health and Social sciences and Faculty of Agriculture. The University provides quality education and an individual approach as well as a broad range of study programs and majors. It offers an open and friendly environment, a modern university campus, state-of-the-art equipment and affordable services when it comes to student accommodation and food.

The USB offers programs in the fields of economics, science, health, social sciences and education in Czech, but also in English and other foreign languages while it makes use of the newest teaching methods. The University also offers courses and lifelong learning programs for public and those interested from abroad can undertake a year-long intensive course of the Czech language for foreigners offered by the Faculty of Arts of the USB. There is also the Kids’ University of the USB aimed at inquisitive pupils of elementary schools. Its purpose is to introduce the University to kids as an inspirational place that offers knowledge and the discovery of the world.


The new way of studying at the University of South Bohemia

At the beginning of the next year, the Faculty of Arts of the University of South Bohemia is bringing a great change, which is going to allow future students to have more freedom and a choice of their area of focus. There will be newly available bachelor’s programs that allow free combinations of areas of focus. After graduating from high school, the students may choose only one study program, which they wish to study, and they may add a second major of their choice during their first year at the University. The choice does not end by submitting an application. For further information about the new system, please visit:

Over the course of its history, the University of South Bohemia has become an important centre of science and research in South Bohemia. New facilities of the University equipped with cutting edge equipment and laboratory technology are a guarantee of top results. A number of fields of study of the USB are highly reputed and several units of the University are paramount science and research centres. The University provides top experts with modern scientific facilities and it cooperates with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and other institutions. The University may also boast about its major publications in the most prestigious scientific magazines like Nature, Science or PNAS and also of its many international awards. In 2009, the University received the prestigious HR Award, which is awarded by the European Commission only to research institutions that aim at creating and supporting an international and transparent work environment.

The world is your oyster with the University of South Bohemia. The USB cooperates with more than 400 universities around the world. It supports research and study trips of students and members of academic staff and it provides cross-border study programs. It also offers an opportunity to earn a double degree at selected universities. The international prestige of the University is only amplified by the active research of research teams in various parts of the world such as the Arctic or Papua New Guinea.


The main reason to study at the University of South Bohemia is quality education that means more than just a diploma. An overwhelming majority of students find employment opportunities without any trouble. All in one place, the USB also offers many practical advantages like the lively campus, halls of residence, the cafeteria and the academic library. You can also look forward to concerts and various events not only for students, but also the public. Students are a part of our teaching and of everything that happens at the University. The door to the staff of the Admissions Office and our lecturers is always open. In addition, the extraordinary facilities and services are supplemented by the student club, a kindergarten and by cafés. The University also supports its students financially, because money for excellent academic performance may be awarded as well as scholarships. The facilities of the University are also suitable for students with special needs.

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